Looking for a Real Estate Agent? Consult the best of the best and her name is Radha Nagarajah. She is not just an agent to us now but a friend. She is very ethical, empathetic, dedicated, pays attention to detail and very thorough. She negotiated the best price for our Condo and was with us every step of the way. If you want a Real Estate Consultant, call her!

Mr. & Mrs Charles Pluta

As a client of Radha, we were treated with respect and our best interest always came first. Radha, was very personable while being professional and diligent to ensure an issue free real estate transaction. We would recommend and use her services for any real estate needs.

Rob & Jennifer

I found this Real Estate lady to be very trustworthy, hardworking and loyal. She goes above and beyond in her endeavours to find a buyer and future purchase. Her knowledge of real estate law makes one comfortable in her abilities to provide honest and exceptional service. I would recommend her 100% in all real estate matters.

Ms. Jean McNiven

Radha has great enthusiasm, foresight, and understanding. She always watched out for us. Her standards far excelled today’s norm. She listened and had answers and solutions to our concern and always showed great empathy. She took a lot of herself to make my house sale go smoothly. She had very good time management and was always available with a supportive gesture and encouragement. Best is that as our representative, she never took us for granted and gave us the respect with due diligence and consideration.

Lakshmi Kumaaraa

Radha is a consummate and dedicated real estate professional with a pleasant demeanour, and a great sense of humour. Her razor-sharp negotiating skills, attention to detail, integrity, knowledge of the law, and her insistence on educating us prior to the buying process made our experience stress free and enjoyable. Her generosity and kindness extended to our family will always be appreciated and fondly remembered. We not only have a real estate agent but a true friend, for life!

I once again along with my wife Rahuna Sheriff thanks you for finding that house we were looking for!!

All the best and God Bless you.

Ahamed Y. Sheriff & Rahuna Sheriff

We approached Radha in the fall of 2014 about selling our condo and upgrading to a home in Etobicoke. Right from the start she took the time to ask us questions and learn about what we wanted and didn’t want.

She worked with us to sell our condo first since that was what we had asked. Then, the hunt was on to find our dream home and now the clock was ticking as we would soon need to vacate the condo.

Buying a house in the city of Toronto in 2015 was a process but I am happy to say, Radha was with us every step of the way.

Many viewings were required to find our home. Radha always came prepared with comparative info from the neighbourhood to help put the homes into context and was ready to answer any questions we had. In the rare instance, she didn’t know the answer, we would receive a detailed follow-up email.
She is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and was always looking out for our best interest.

We went through a number of bidding wars. Each time she was patient with us, checked in and only went as far as we were comfortable. It was tough to keep our morale up after some of these experiences but Radha persisted. She knew it was just a matter of finding ‘the right fit’. Eventually, we landed our dream home in the neighbourhood we wanted and we owe that to her. We definitely recommend working with Radha.

Thank you very much,

Lidia and Frank

Radha is amazing at what she does! She is a no-nonsense go-getter who will make sure that she won’t stop until the job is done, and done right! We’ve had the pleasure of working with her recently and we’re very happy with the effort she puts in and the patience she exhibits with our questions. She is an individual who I will remain in contact with for a very long time!

Faahim Rashid ,Dental Consultant - Region of Peel

Radha will get the job done and she will exceed your expectations. She is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, trustworthy and extremely hardworking. Customer service is outstanding. I’ve yet to meet a professional that will give you that much personal attention. You’ll feel like her #1 client. Most importantly, she will get you results. Our property was sold over asking! Selling and buying a new home is one of the most stressful times in a family’s life. We cannot imagine going through this with anyone other than Radha. She treated us like family, providing sound advice and advocating diligently on our behalf. Highly recommended!

Ostap & Maya

After trying to secure an apartment through various agents we were very lucky to be recommended ACTUS Real Estate Group, led by Peter Mazzuchin by a family member. Radha Nagarajah is by far the best real estate agent we’ve met and we could not recommend her highly enough. Her sharp negotiation skills, knowledge of the law and property market meant we were in very safe hands and sure enough we secured our ideal apartment for $100 less than the asking price despite having no Canadian credit record. We found her to be very generous (offering to drive us to see apartments numerous times), honest and always had our best interests at heart. She understood our needs and went above and beyond the call of duty to see they were met.
Due to a car accident with resulting injuries, we worried about how we could move into our new apartment. Radha was instrumental in the process, offering to collect us and transport luggage. Her kindness and warmth helped us feel at home in a new country and we cannot thank her enough for her help. Radha is much more than a great real estate agent and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Kind regards

Kathleen and Aamir (from England)

You are the best and I wish you the best. With Radha, I sold a house and bought one. Achieved both goals in relation to both time frame and financial happiness. With Radha, you cannot lose. If you want to get what you want, look no further, you have found a golden jewel in Radha. All the best.
To all of you out there you will not do any better with someone else. So for one last time, WIN WITH RADHA.

Terry Perrin

Radha. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and I know that the level of service you provide is above reproach. With your hard work and courage, your empathy and compassion, you offer your clients the highest level of success. You bring joy to me my friend and I know, without question, your personal and professional success will continue. Congratulations!

Debbie Boyce

Dear Radha,

I would like to put down a few words by way of testimonial for the work Radha Nagarajah has done on our behalf in recent weeks in the matter of Mum’s condo sale. I am sure I speak for Mum and all of us in saying that we really appreciated all Radha’s hard work and tenacious endeavour on our behalf. From the start we were impressed with her attitude when she offered to conduct the sale, this being communicated in a very positive and unassuming way so as to persuade us in favour of her being the most suitable candidate. Once we had appointed Radha to act for us, she immediately set about preparing the publicity for the condo sale with great professionalism and confidence. Along with this, she advised that she would definitely rather “underpromise and overdeliver” – and this was, in fact, precisely what happened. Radha conducted detailed research on our behalf before making a careful assessment of the most appropriate listing price. During the course of the listing of the property and gathering of the bids, we were kept thoroughly in the picture (although I am British and unfamiliar with Canadian property transactions) and she sought our feedback at every possible occasion so as to conduct the sale according to our wishes. In the end, Radha delivered us a sale price that was better than any previous for similar properties in the area, and significantly above the listing price. Every contribution she gave was made with cheerfulness, integrity and total professionalism. For these reasons, we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Radha as a realtor for anyone else who is seeking to sell their property. We are delighted to have completed the process of getting a sale of Mum’s condo and to have secured the price that we needed. Thank you very much with all our hearts!!!

Kindest regards,

Simon Payne

Yvonne Sledinski Hammond reviewed Radha Nagarajah, Fair Value Property— 5 star

Having worked Front Desk at many big Real Estate companies, I knew when I met Radha Nagarajah that she was the right Agent for me. Because of Radha’s hard work, dedication, and compassion…..my House SOLD in one day……and way over Asking!!!
Thank You!


Jay and I cannot thank Radha enough!. From the moment we decided to sell our condo and purchase a house, Radha gave 110% to make it happen. Always a phone call or email away (does she ever sleep?) and as educated as anybody I know. I would highly recommend Radha to anyone who is buying/selling or both. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Greg Roach